Human Connection & the Whole Brain

The Art of Effective Conversation

How often do we all find ourselves in conversations where we are frustrated? Maybe we have not been heard or understood, or we have no idea what the other person is trying to say.

Effective communication is at the core of everything we do, personally and professionally.

Dr. Mike Pelfini has been working with the Whole Brain Thinking Model ® for over 15 years. He is passionate about Transformative Learning-changing lives, businesses, and communities with more effective communication and understanding.

Would you like to have more effective conversations with loved ones, clients and colleagues?

By better understanding this model you will be able to:

  • Understand your unique thinking style preferences & the thinking style preferences of others.
  • Learn techniques for increasing communication effectiveness.
  • Understand the importance of stretching into less preferred thinking styles based on situational awareness.

Anytime you make a great decision, you have engaged all 4 Thinking Styles, you have used Whole Brain Thinking®. Being able to shift into ‘less-preferred’ Thinking Styles situationally, you become more powerful and effective in all you do.

Join us for this interactive presentation by one of our own and leave with a new understanding of effective communication.

About the Facilitator: Michael Pelfini

Mike Pelfini is an accomplished leadership coach and former CEO with a passion for creating transformative learning communities. As a Vistage Chair, Mike helps executives, CEOs and owners of small and mid-sized companies make better decisions that benefit their families, businesses and communities.

Friday, February 28th, 2020 - Doors open at 7:30AM - Main Program 8-10:30AM
$40 - Includes Breakfast