High Productivity & Calm During Changing Times

High Productivity & Calm During Changing Times

When times are tough, it’s easy to lose motivation and momentum. This is hard on your business because what you do today will affect your success three months from now.

How do you want to be spending your time three months from now? Stressed out because your book of business is empty? Or working at a healthy, happy, and enjoyable pace?

Judy Dang, Productivity Mentor, will teach 11 ways to practice calm productive focus every day. You’ll learn why it pays to:

1.     Stop using your brain as a filing cabinet
2.     Start prioritizing what’s important vs what’s urgent
3.     Move your pinky to jumpstart action
4.     And much more

Get simple productivity tips you can use right away to find calm, regain balance, and be productive whatever the circumstances.


About the Facilitator: Judy Dang

Judy Dang helps solo consultants turn their business plans into action. She breaks down large fuzzy projects into snackable easy bites, so that clients actually get to the finish line.

Two examples: By working with Judy for 6 weeks, a marketing consultant launched her website after being stuck for 6 months. An engineering firm achieved $40K worth of new business from a $1K marketing campaign designed and executed by Judy.

Judy’s superpower is not just getting things done, but getting the RIGHT things done.

She’s appeared in Forbes and has dazzled audiences large and small.

Something many people don’t know about Judy is that she shaved her hair in college…just to see what that would be like.

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Friday, November 20th, 2020