BYOB to Work! – Bring Your Whole Brain

Learn what the most successful CEO’s know: Intuition makes the critical difference in your success.

When you make decisions based on just the facts, it’s like leaving half your brain in the car!

Here is what you will learn in this presentation:

  • How making half-brained decisions cost you time, energy, and money
  • How to lead with expanded awareness
  • How expanded awareness can lead to forward momentum for greater productivity, performance, and profitability.


About the Facilitator: Mary Gleason

Turning 50 kicked my butt. I realized that I was making important decisions with only half my brain and I was less successful and less joyful, and all while experiencing stomach ulcers, migraines, and depression.

That’s when I stopped doing everything.

I quit my job and started searching for what it really means to be successful. I realized that a good job title, pay, a good spouse, nor a bigger house were not it because I had all those.

During this time of respite is when I learned about the power of intuition and how it can truly lead to better decisions and peace of mind.

Most importantly, I learned how much more information there is to guide us if we only know how to tap into it, especially in the workplace.

I am here to share those secrets with you.

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Friday April 23, 2021