A Guide for New Members

Breakfast & Open Networking

When you arrive at 7:30 am, check in at registration, then pick a table and get yourself some breakfast and coffee. The meeting proper starts at 8 AM, so you should have time to eat before we get started. If you have any questions or need anything, ask one of the BACN Board members. Remember to turn off your cell phone!

Creating Connections

Most BACN meetings start with a “Creating Connections” exercise to introduce you to the other people at your table. One of the BACN board members will lead the exercise and provide any special instructions, which may also be repeated on your table tent. The board member at each table goes first to provide an example.  We spend 20-30 minutes on Creating Connections.

BACN Bits & Bytes

This 5-10 minute part of the program provides a brief introduction to a new tool available to consultants and helps keep members current on social media and useful utilities. Check out some of our past Bits & Bytes tips. Feel free to suggest a tool for this section.

Members’ Forum

This is where BACN members get to draw on the experience of their fellow consultants to help them solve problems like scope creep and how to get clients to follow your advice. This is not a time for self-promotion. “I’m looking for a service provider” is an appropriate question; “I’m looking for clients” is not. Read the Forum Notes.

Main Program

The main program at BACN usually starts at 9 am and takes one of three forms: a speaker, a panel discussion, or a workshop. (For workshops, we may extend the meeting time and reduce the length of other parts of our program.) Sometimes we have an extended networking session instead of a speaker. Check out some past BACN programs.


You may bring flyers for our member events table, or fill out a short form at the meeting. All announcements are made at the BACN board’s discretion.


Please fill out your evaluation form. We read all of the comments and are especially interested in hearing suggestions for future speakers.

Informal Networking

The meeting room is available for informal networking until about 11:00 AM. After that, feel free to continue your conversation in the restaurant or at the bar.

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