Photo of Judy Baker
Judy Baker
Website: brandvines

Biographical Info

Judy Baker helps consultants take bite-sized actions that deliver results. She works with creative professionals, authors and speakers to create strategies and action plans that are sustainable, flexible, effective, profitable and in alignment with their values. Judy is a Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach + Graphic Artist who creates effective marketing solutions that transform you and your business. She is a popular speaker, trainer, coach and designer with expertise in publishing (print, video, audio, and social media), performing and making connections. Judy is the owner of brandvines and is blogging a book,

Judy chairs the programs committee and frequently leads Creating Connections and Members’ Forum sessions at meetings. She created the BACN logo.

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Photo of Ulrika Brattemark
Ulrika Brattemark
Work Phone: (415) 259-9536 Website: Daily Agile Living

Biographical Info

Ulrika Brattemark writes, speaks and trains on how to apply Agile and Scrum principles in personal time management, ultimately allowing people to do more of what matters. Learn more at Agile Daily Living.

Ulrika has twenty years global experience at a large software company, where she was a key evangelist for the grassroots implementation of Agile principles.

In her spare time, Ulrika is outdoors skiing, sailing, gardening or going for long walks. She also loves to travel and dance.

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Photo of Harry Chapman
Harry Chapman
Cell Phone: 415-971-5746 Website: Bay Area Consulting Group

Biographical Info

Harry Chapman has more than 40 years of experience across a broad set of disciplines including IT management, finance, operations and consulting. His mission is to help non-profit organizations become more effective through improved use of technology. In addition to IT assessment services, Mr. Chapman provides CIO services for several non-profit organizations including the Exploratorium, the San Francisco Ballet, the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center and Edgewood Center. In addition to starting BACN, Harry is a founder of the Bay Area Consulting Group LLC.

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Photo of Jeff Jeff Daniel MBA, PMP, CSM
Jeff Jeff Daniel MBA, PMP, CSM
Secretary American AgCredit (Contract)
Work Phone: 14153285058

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Jeff Daniel is an organizer and process improver.  Jeff specializes helping IT organizations create PMOs and hone their project management practices.  He helps leaders gain visibility into their operations, find efficiencies, and manage demand.  Jeff’s experience spans hi-tech start-ups to corporate giants like Google and AT&T.  He has a toolkit of solutions that range from making meetings more efficient to defining organizational strategies and converting them into action plans

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Photo of Volker Frank
Volker Frank
Work Phone: 510-517-7232 Website: Volker Frank Consulting

Biographical Info

Volker Frank  is a synthesizer, combining business performance with human potential, systems thinking with intuition, and strategic management with organizational awareness. He brings his passions to the business world as an executive coach, leadership trainer and agile management consultant.

Volker worked for twelve years as a software consultant for different size companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. He became known for his ability to organize chaos. He is able to translate the way people collaborate and organize business processes into mission-critical applications. With this foundation, he now supports companies with the transition to Agile software development practices and dramatically improve the effectiveness of their work.

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Photo of Shelley Golden
Shelley Golden
Work Phone: 415-300-5898 Website: A Style Experience

Biographical Info

Shelley Golden is the owner of A Style Experience and has been a Fashion Stylist and Personal Branding Image Consultant, speaker and Certified Color Consultant for professional men and women for 20+ years.

As fourth generation in the clothing and fashion business, she is passionate about helping create your unique style to boost your confidence and attract the people you want into your life, both professionally and socially.

Having lived in Europe and the Middle East for 15 years, Shelley brings her understanding of international style and the nuances of “Business Casual” into the workplace from various parts of the world.

As an independent stylist for J Hilburn, I offer men sophisticated made-to -measure clothing that looks great and fits perfectly.

Shelley aims to design “Wow, you look amazing!” looks tailored made just for you.

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Photo of Janet Schieferdecker
Janet Schieferdecker
Board Chair
Work Phone: 415-847-7076 Website: Empowered Futures

Biographical Info

Janet Schieferdecker is an emerging leader’s secret weapon. She helps experienced professionals, who are motivated to have a fulfilling career, clarify their “personal why”, create and communicate boundaries around what really matters, and then teaches the art, practice and skill of asking for, understanding and giving feedback.

Strategic Alchemy: using a unique combination of business savvy and deep experience in personal development and communications modalities, Janet helps leaders to create more impact on the change they would like to see in the world.

When she’s not working, you can find Janet out on the trail with her dog, or at the barn grooming and leading horses at an organization that provides equine therapy.

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Photo of Nora Wolfson
Nora Wolfson
Work Phone: 510-813-5354 Website: Nora Wolfson Consulting

Biographical Info

As principal of Nora Wolfson Consulting, Nora Wolfson acts as a thought partner and sounding board, providing guidance for partnerships, family owned businesses, and management teams who are concerned that a lack of cohesiveness and focus in their business is leading to missed opportunities. An expert on human dynamics, Nora helps leaders understand crucial concerns and motivations, building alignment within the organization to realize business goals.

Nora joined the BACN board to foster interaction and support within the BACN community. She has regularly designed and led programs to deepen connections among our members. She also leads the Creating Connections and Members’ Forum sections of our meetings.

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